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Sea Cycles are a new unique way to enjoy the ocean and beautiful wilderness surrounding our island and city of Ketchikan Alaska. Sea Cycling is essentially the same as kayaking and boating all in one. Much more stable, propeller-driven, quiet, and easy because you use your legs which leaves your hands available to take photos or use binoculars etc. Our float-house base is located in one of the most historical coves in Southeast Alaska, Ward Cove.

It is an authentic working cove today as well as having a tremendous history of Alaska’s vital industries, culture, lifestyles, and abundant wildlife along its rich coastline. Sea Cycling is for all ages and fitness level. Each bike has a 550 lb weight limit and can hold 2 adults for peddling and 2 small children. Each tour is accompanied by an expert guide and friendly staff in the float house to assist our guests in preparing for a fantastic water tour adventure. We look forward to serving you in 2018!

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The Taylors: Ron & Vicki and their six children; Travis, Jayley, Brent, Jake, Jaden, and Sam.

The Taylor family have a love of the outdoors and Alaska. They are involved in multiple youths and community organizations that allow people of all ages to experience the wilderness around Ketchikan. Their kids do a lot traveling throughout the state and get to enjoy other aspects of wilderness and lifestyles unique to Alaska. Everyone is looking forward to sharing their knowledge and experience with those who honor us by coming to visit Ketchikan.

The Taylors have had a lot of fun creating this tour for our guests and we thank you for considering us when choosing what to enjoy while here in Ketchikan. We are honored to be a part of creating exceptional memories with our guests during their discovery of our lovely community.

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